Which countries do you ship to?

Please see the current list of countries we can ship to at: www.sportsmask.com/store/

This list is updated as per current postal services from Ireland.

SportsMask™ is also available to purchase via www.amazon.co.uk

It is not currently available to purchase from www.amazon.com

Is SportsMask™ priced in US Dollars?

Yes the price is in US dollars (or equivalent in your local currency) and includes the cost of shipment.

I have purchased a SportsMask™ – where can I find the free online videos to use with mask?

Any additional recommendations or resources for using SportsMask™ with the OA program?

Nasal breathing is also very important while wearing SportsMask™. The benefits of nasal breathing during exercise are written about here: https://oxygenadvantage.com/nasal-breathing-running/

What are the main differences between SportsMask™ and other training masks?

The main difference is that Oxygen Advantage® breathing exercises should be applied while wearing SportsMask™.

This allows for intermittent hypoxic, hypercapnic training which would not otherwise be achieved by just wearing the mask.

The exercises are outlined in a hard copy manual that you receive with the mask, and access to online videos demonstrating same.

Included in your SportsMask™ set are the following:

  • Instructional manual with breathing exercises.
  • Hard carry case.
  • A SportsMask™ which is made of soft medical grade silicone for increased comfort against the face.
  • Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes. Straps fit both back and top of head, so that the mask does not slip.
  • Larger volume inside the mask to pool carbon dioxide. This is to reduce the ventilatory response to co2. In other words, improve Body Oxygen Level test (BOLT) which is an indicator of onset and endurance of breathlessness.
  • Our price for SportsMask™ is very competitive and includes international shipping.

Should I only be using nasal breathing while wearing SportsMask™ or can I also mouth breathe?

Nose breathing is much better as it will improve oxygen uptake. It is also more likely to be easier to nose breathe as the breath will be slower and deeper. It’s a case of quality over quantity.

Does SportsMask™ lower oxygen saturation levels or just restrict the ease of oxygen moving through the mask?

Wearing SportsMask™ or any mask by itself does not lower blood oxygen saturation.  Practicing breathing exercises while wearing SportsMask™ lowers blood oxygen saturation. Exercises are outlined at www.sportsmask.com/workout/

Do any of you that have a SportsMask™ wear it when running outside? A few months ago I was a little too self conscious about it and only used it when doing exercises indoors but now I guess wearing it outside would seem “normal”?

That’s for sure. Now it’s expected to have a mask. Nose breathe while using the mask. It helps improve respiratory muscle strength. Very important nowadays.

Does SportsMask™ come with an adjustable air inlet on it so you can adjust the gap the air travels through?

The mask has inlet valves to cause a resistance to breathing. The inside of the mask pools carbon dioxide. This is the same as Buteyko effect. Muscles also work harder. There are exercises with the mask also at www.sportsmask.com/workout/

The outer outer piece of my SportsMask™ comes off at times. Is there a way to fix this?

Yes, we have noticed that sometimes the plastic piece that holds the mask slides off. Please take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=WCmm41xjXzM&feature=emb_logo

It explains how to move the catch so that the outer piece stays firmly in place.

Do you have a trick for getting the small red plug back into the little hole?

The red plug – if you push it, it should go in easy. We have posted a video showing how to take the mask apart and put it back together again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCmm41xjXzM

What material is the mask made of? Is the material toxic?

The mask is made of plastic and medical silicon. It is not toxic.

Can teenagers use SportMask™?

Yes, under parental supervision.

I have a large beard. Will I still be able to use SportsMask™ effectively and create a seal?

Yes, you should be able to create a seal with a large beard. The straps of the mask can be adjusted to help ensure a good fit.

How to take apart and reassemble SportsMask™ for cleaning

I purchased a SportsMask™ but 2 weeks have passed and I still haven’t received it. Is there a way of tracking my order?

We ship SportsMask™ by regular post from Ireland. As such there is no tracking. At the moment we are seeing delays with postal deliveries across a number of countries due to COVID-19 crisis, however rest assured our packages are reaching destination. It may take a few extra days for your mask to reach you. If it has not arrived within another week, please contact us at info@sportsmask.com – Thank you.

I am unhappy with my purchase and would like to return it – how do I arrange this?

We’re sorry to hear you are unhappy with your purchase. Please contact us at info@sportsmask.com to arrange a return.