I have purchased a SportsMask – where can I find the free online videos to use with mask?

What are the main differences between SportsMask and other training masks?

The main difference is that Oxygen Advantage® breathing exercises should be applied while wearing SportsMask.

This allows for intermittent hypoxic, hypercapnic training which would not otherwise be achieved by just wearing the mask.

The exercises are outlined in a hard copy manual that you receive with the mask, and access to online videos demonstrating same.

Included in your SportsMask Set are the following:

  • Hard copy manual – and access to online videos by request (email to info@sportsmask.com)
  • Hard carry case
  • A SportsMask which is made of soft medical grade silicone for increased comfort against the face
  • Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes
  • Straps to fit both back and top of head, so that the mask does not slip
  • Larger volume inside the mask to pool carbon dioxide. This is to reduce the ventilatory response to co2. In other words, improve Body Oxygen Level test (BOLT) which is an indicator of onset and endurance of breathlessness

Our price for SportsMask is very competitive and includes international shipping.

How to take apart and reassemble SportsMask for cleaning