The Oxygen Advantage
book by Patrick McKeown
is the formidable text on
breathing for high
performance in sports.

  • Bestseller
  • 14 languages
  • Instructors in 25 countries

Unlike traditional breath holding exercises following inhalation that have been used by athletes since the 1980s, the Oxygen Advantage technique incorporates breath holding after exhalation. This creates a significant decrease of blood oxygen saturation and an increase of carbon dioxide concentration, which generates more red blood cells to carry oxygen.

Breath holding on the exhale also disturbs the blood acid base balance, causing the body to delay the onset of lactic acid and fatigue. Athletes will notice an improvement in their psychological preparedness and willpower, as they will develop a greater tolerance towards feelings of breathlessness, and a reduction of exercise-induced asthma.

The Oxygen Advantage can also be applied to everyday breathing. Healthy breathing during rest should be quiet, calm, through the nose and almost undetectable. Unhealthy breathing is through the mouth, from the upper chest and noticeable during rest.

Bad habits will disrupt your body’s biochemistry and deprive the blood of oxygen – but they can be unlearned. The aim of Oxygen Advantage is to re-train your breathing habits, so that you can slow down your breathing and breathe less.