used in conjunction with the oxygen advantage breathing
technique, patented sportsmark unlocks your athletic
potential to give you the edge in any sporting activity.

A summary of the science


Created by Patrick McKeown, breathing expert and author of ‘The Oxygen Advantage’, SportsMask is designed to restrict your air intake, strengthen your breathing muscles and increase delivery of oxygen to your organs and muscles.

Delayed onset of fatigue
and lactic acid

Apply the Oxygen Advantage® while wearing SportsMask to greatly disturb the blood acid base balance, causing the body to make adaptations to delay the onset of lactic acid and fatigue.

Improved aerobic

Restricting your breathing by wearing your SportsMask will result in reduced blood oxygen saturation. This will provoke your body to generate more red blood cells to carry oxygen, and, therefore, improve your aerobic capacity.

Sharper cognitive function

Since time immemorial, mankind has practiced focusing on the breath to tame and train the brain. By focusing on your breath as it enters and leaves the body, your brain is forced to focus exclusively on one task at a time. Your SportsMask offers a unique way to improve your concentration by bringing your attention to your breathing in a natural way.

Stronger respiratory muscles

Regular aerobic training will improve your cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function, but will not improve the functioning of your breathing muscles. Wearing your SportsMaskwill create a resistance to your breathing and make your breathing muscles work harder.

Reduced breathlessness
during exercise

Excessive breathlessness during physical exercise is one of the most common causes of limiting sports performance. By regularly wearing your SportsMask and applying Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage techniques, you will train your body to reduce breathlessness.

Lower incidence of
exercise-induced asthma

The vast majority of asthma sufferers breathe excessively and through the mouth. This results in the inhalation of cool, dry air into the airways, which literally sucks the moisture from their inner wall, causing them to narrow and constrict. Feelings of chest tightness, wheezing, coughing or breathlessness will follow. Wearing your SportsMask will restrict the amount of air being drawn into the lungs and reduce these asthma symptoms.

Simulate anaerobic
glycolysis without the

While the positive effects of high-intensity exercise are compelling, training at high-intensity is not suitable or possible for everyone. In sports such as boxing, MMA and sprinting, which are predominantly anaerobic, training by repeatedly performing exercise at high-intensity to stimulate an anaerobic state can be traumatizing for the athlete. To reduce the risk of injury, the athlete could train at a more moderate pace while wearing the SportsMask and applying the exercise Simulate High Altitude Training.


  • If you are pregnant or have any medical issues, it is advisable to consult your physician before wearing your SportsMask or attempting to apply theOxygen Advantageprogram.
  • If you feel dizzy or unwell, remove your SportsMask immediately.
  • SportsMask is only for use during wakefulness and not during sleep as it could cause sleep disordered breathing including obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Do not use the SportsMask if you have any allergies to rubber or silicon.
  • SportsMask is not a medical product.
  • SportsMask does not offer any protection against impacts to the head or face.
  • Always train with a partner while wearing your SportsMask.
  • If you are using your SportsMask for prolonged periods of time, consult with your medical practitioner.
  • SportsMask is used at your own risk.